Today's WOD-  2/11/16

STRENGTH: 10 x 1 Power clean + 2 Jerks 155/105

4 rounds for reps of:
1 minute of push-ups
1 minute of 185/135 Deadlifts
1 minute sit-ups
1 minute of Squat cleans

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Results-  2/10/16

News and Events

Fundamentals Classes for February

Fundamentals consists of six training sessions over the first three weeks of the month with assimilation into regular classes in week four (w/continued teaching/practice).

Evening Fundamentals are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm.  Morning Fundamentals dates and times are arranged with Janice at  Saturday at 10am is Fundamentals Skills makeup day.

New sessions start at the beginning of the month (Feb. 2, Mar. 8, Apr. 5, and May 3)


2016 New Year Special

If CrossFit is on your Bucket List…or you thought it was interesting…or you wondered whether CrossFitters were just plain nuts…your opportunity has just arrived on your doorstep. Any age, any experience, any fitness level–we gear it to you! Experience CrossFit first hand!  The deal doesn’t get much better than this!

Special Offer: Fundamentals Classes–Six small group sessions teaching the basic movements of CrossFit for $50 (+tax) one-time fee AND includes your first month’s membership ($310 value).  Considering our knowledge, experience and expertise, that is a deal!

Contact Janice at to set up a time to get started.


Many thanks to everyone on a wonderful birthday! Hanging out with nice people is always the best way to celebrate. So sorry for the 'Filthy 52'. Those extra couple of reps hurt, for sure. Next year, I'm either renaming it, 'Stinkin' 53', or going with 'Wishful Thinking 30'. Thank you, everyone! Kimo. ...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMO!!! #BirthdayWod #FilthyFiftyTwoMany #YoureTheBest #WeLoveYou #lakehillscrossfit ...

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Our 1st Annual LHCF LIFT OFF!!! is in the books and it was a blast! It was a great chance for some to try out Oly Lifting in semi-serious competition. But it was mostly lots of fun. And now some awards (real or imagined)...

Highest Total Female--Taotao
Highest Total Male--Daniel
Most Animated Referee EVER--Theresa
Best Power Clean-Push Press--Drew
Longest Lift--Talal
Best Impression of Rich Froning--Tom
Best Michael Jackson Impression--Coach Korky
NASCAR Pit Crew--Gary and Travis
On the Struggle Bus--Andy and Taotao
Nowhere near the Struggle Bus--Mel
Nicest Judge, by far--Andrew M.
Most Likely to Flirt with a Contestant--Christine
Most Likely to be Flirted With and Like It--Jeremy
Biggest Entourage--Kyle
Best impression of a Whole30 chocolate cake--Towera and Gary
Best Form (and biggest trash talker)--Janice
And of course,
Tightest Form--Gavin (you could not look away!)

Thank you to our participants and many helpers!

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Whole 30 really does work! 😂 ...

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LIFT OFF!!! Update
Weight categories are for your information only. Knowing your weight class will give you a comparison reference to other lifters at local/national competitions.

You will weigh in after 12:00, but all women will be lifting in a combined session (not by weight class) followed by the men. Clean and jerk first, then the Snatch.

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