Today's WOD-  10/7/15WOD:

CORE: EMOM 12:  10 Russian twists + 5 Weighted sit-ups – 45/25
150 Wall balls
Every time ball stops motion – 250m row

Post WOD: 50 Back extensions

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Results-  10/6/15

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Special Offer #1: Special Offer Extension!!!  Our Unlimited Membership is still only $135/mo. (+tax) until Halloween!

Special Offer #2:  Fundamentals Class–Six small group sessions teaching the basic movements of CrossFit for $150 (+tax) one-time fee AND includes your first month’s membership.  And you can still take advantage of our $135/mo. (+tax) unlimited membership if you sign up before the end of the month!  Our next Fundamentals class begins on Tuesday, October 6th.


It's Blue Monday. Isn't it pretty? Now I just have to get the video feed--no problem! ...

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We have our projector and new screen ready to go in the back room. We are planning to stream the Seahawks game, so you don't have to miss your workout or miss the game. Go, Hawks! ...

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What goes better with babies than pizza! That makes no sense, but we are celebrating the birth of Theo Krell and the eventual birth of Isabel Chung with Topolino's pizza. We're all chipping in for pizza as we celebrate tailgate style. Friday night! October 2nd! 7pm! LHCF! ...

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Croc Daddy (David) doing a muscle up ...

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Our golf game is a metaphor for the Seahawks offensive game plan. ...

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