Today's WOD-  8/24/17

Find 1RM Clean and jerk

400m Row/Run
10 Burpee+pullup+knees to elbow
200m Row/Run
20 Burpee+pullup+knees to elbow
100m Row/Run
30 Burpee+pullup+knees to elbow

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Results-  8/23/17

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The Best Way to Get Started with CrossFit!!! Fundamentals SPECIALS

NEW to CrossFit? CrossFit FUNdamentals: $75 (+tax)!


Fundamentals Classes

Fundamentals consists of a minimum of six training sessions over three weeks followed by trainer supported assimilation into regular CrossFit classes.  We put the FUN in Fundamentals by teaching you safe and efficient practice.

Beginning in June sessions will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays @7:00am and 7:00pm  Contact Janice at to get started.


Not so new to CrossFit? Sign up for three months and get your first month for $75 (+tax)

We’ll still work on Fundamentals, but we’ll have you start directly in regular Crossfit classes…


Don't stare into the sun and it will disappear. In times of darkness...CrossFit. ...

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Three teams from Lake Hills Crossfit competed at CF Bel Red's Armageddon and all three made the finals! Congrats to Jessica Spray and Lizzie's baby-to-be on their first competition! Open winners, Old Bags 2 with Janice Spray and Theresa Harris were moving fast all day. The 'Sandbaggers' team of Nick Rocco of Lakeside CrossFitand Daniel Spray ground out a third place finish and ironically ended up winning sandbags. Great job everyone! ...

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