Daniel Spray

  • CrossFit NW Individual Regional Athlete 2014 (Placing 14th Overall)
  • CrossFit NW Individual Regional Athlete 2013 (Placing 26th Overall)
  • CrossFit NW Team Regional Athlete 2011
  • CrossFit Coach’s Prep (Level 2)
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Trainer since 2009

Daniel began CrossFit in August of 2008, using it primarily as a tool to become a stronger baseball player. Only 6 months later, he found himself at a CrossFit level-1 course and coaching clients at CrossFit Bellevue. Taking CrossFit to high school, Daniel created the first fitness club at Newport High, getting an average attendance of 20 members per meeting. Since then he has attended three olympic lifting seminars with coach Mike Burgener and coach Erin Okonek, two gymnastics certifications, and a coach’s prep course. CrossFit soon became Daniel’s primary focus over baseball as he transitioned into college in Southern California, where he attended Azusa Pacific University full time and coached weeknights at CrossFit Peak Performance. Daniel currently attends the University of Washington and is studying Mechanical Engineering while pushing the tolerance limits of the IMA. He is regularly involved in local Crossfit Competitions, and looks forward to preparing for the next CrossFit Games open.


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